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About Us

First of all THANK YOU.

Thank you, because if you are reading this page it means that you want to know us more closely and you are dedicating part of your precious time to us.

ABALATA was born from the need to meet products to satisfy the household and gardening needs of its founder's family and from there, the idea of marketing them in the world in a simple and convenient way.

For this reason, we are committed to the continuous search for trendy, useful and innovative products, tools and decorations, that can facilitate our lives and  brighten, embellish and distinguish the only place that makes us feel safe and happy, our home!


For Italian origins of its founder.

Born in a small town of the Sicilian hinterland, the "Balata", name of Arabic origin, "Al Balat" (Stone Slabs) was populated by many shops and by a multitude of craftsmen and traders, it had an important role for the city not only for its commercial importance but also for its function as a meeting place for many generations, including that of its founder.

He still remembers when in Sicilian dialect he said to his friends "ni vidimu a Balata" (see you in a Balata).

Today, although we are abroad, we continue saying to the world, see you ABALATA!