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CANOPE, Safe Smooth Edge Can Opener
CANOPE, Safe Smooth Edge Can Opener
CANOPE, Safe Smooth Edge Can Opener

CANOPE, Safe Smooth Edge Can Opener

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 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟 Amazing, I love it!
Customer review - Grant - United States

I worried about a single handle design & saw other reviews claiming it's hard to use or doesn't work? I had the same problem but after using it twice (1st time I was lost/confused on how it worked? ) but this actually is an awesome new update to the old double handle can opener design!
Before you put it on the can.. give it a little back turn (that opens the gripper/cutter) place it on the can & start turning (it automatically closes the gripper as you start).
Once it grips & starts.. it turns easily (1st couple of times I thought it didn't cut but the lid pops right off (No sharp edges & no shavings *as one reviewer claimed).
*I have Neuropathy and the big turn knob is very easy to grip/turn. And now... I just love it & so happy I took the chance on this new innovative design!

Maybe as it happened to us, you bought a lot of can openers, but after using them a few times they stop working, they rust, they are difficult to use and above all, they leave the edge of the can sharp, very dangerous for the fingers. Using CANOPE we have solved all these problems.

  • Open oblong cans.
  • Work on the bottom of the soup can if it's crimped like the top.
  • Can be used on a can that has a pop-top.
  • It has one handle. It does not puncture the lid at all. Instead, it is cutting the seal between the lid and the can, which are separate pieces before assembly leaving edges that are not like dangerous razor blades, like what would happen with the other type of can opener.


Material: Plastic and Stainless Steel
Color: Black
Weight: 150 gr


  • Its sharp blade easily cuts your small or large cans, sturdy tins jars with no sharp edges.


  • Equipped with a side protection system to avoid injury

  • Equipped with a soft non-slip silicone ergonomic handle

  • Equipped with a large easy to turn rotary knob which makes it suitable for use by children, elderly with arthritis problems, and with big hands


  • Equipped with a hole to hang it and to facilitate storage

  • Built with high-quality alloy housing to match it with the edge of the can and to be wear-resisting

Method of Use

Step1. Turn the handle clockwise to make the wheel as below

Step2. Put the can opener onto the round can and please make sure it's vertical with the can


Step3. Turn the handle clockwise forward to cut with some strengthen

Step4. Turn the handle counterclockwise to release and get it

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