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SHOPU, Shoe Purifier
SHOPU, Shoe Purifier
SHOPU, Shoe Purifier
SHOPU, Shoe Purifier
SHOPU, Shoe Purifier

SHOPU, Shoe Purifier

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Think of a hard-working day, an intense section of gym or game, during wet and rainy days or asphyxiating hot days. What would you like to do once at home? Take your shoes off, undress, and enjoy a relaxing shower, right? What about your shoes? They will also be entitled to some moments of relaxation, right? With SHOPU shoe purifier you can give it a deserved and due refreshing section. That's right, thanks to its constant warming action, it will allow your shoes to recover after a heavy and wet day spent with you. So you will avoid:

  • bad smells,
  • mold creation,
  • fungal infections.

Dry foot sweat in 15 minutes, fast dries your wet shoes in 2 hours.

Your shoes will be better and your feet will enjoy  !!!


IMPORTANT: This item doesn't support 110V voltage,
Power (W): 14w
Voltage (V): 220V
Constant Temperature: 60 C°
Heating Mode: 360° Stereo Drying
Size : 190 x 62 x 28.5mm


  • Shoe Dryer, Sterilizer, Dehumidifier, Deodorizer
  • It's the perfect travel accessory for any outdoor trip. Warm and dry your boots
  • Beveled at the junction of wires
  • Not easy to bend and break
  • 360° Drying
  • Constant Temperature Heating
  • High-Temperature Resistant Materials
  • Timer Open & Close
  • Fits in most types of footwear
  • Will not damage your shoes
  • Safe to Use


1. Please place damp shoes into this shoe cabinet dryer. Slight damp shoes may take up to one hour for it to dry, and for wet shoes, it will take up more than three hours, otherwise, you can leave the wet shoes overnight for drying.
2. Please place this product on the ground away from any flammable materials!
3. Do not pull the power cord directly.
4. Please pay attention to the ventilation when drying.
5. When you find only one drier is working, stop use that any more.