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BASELED, USB Rechargeable LED Light
BASELED, USB Rechargeable LED Light
BASELED, USB Rechargeable LED Light

BASELED, USB Rechargeable LED Light

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BASELED is a USB rechargeable LED light that is very useful and necessary in every home.
Not only it is easy to wall mount, but you can use it as a flashlight, taking it wherever you want.
You just have to install it so you can grab it whenever you want to go out in the middle of the night if you're going to the bathroom or if you're hungry in the middle of the night and want to grab a quick midnight snack.
What about the battery life?
The light will last about 150 days after a full charge.
This means about one charge every five months.
This feature makes this LED lamp superior to all competitors on the market.
And the functionality?
There are only three switches, auto, turn off, and turn on.
With turn off, the light will go out, with turn on, the light will be continuous light. With auto, the light will be automatic.
In fact, is equipped with motion and lighting sensors, if it is dark, every time you pass by its sensor it will turn on.


Certification: CE, FCC, RoHS
Material: ABS+PC
Power: 0.5W
Battery capacity: 

Operating Temperature: - 10° C/+ 40° C
Color Temperature Natural Light: 4000 K

Color Temperature White Light: 6500 K

Size: about 164*40*39mm
Weight: 82 gr


  • Winner of several international design awards such as the
    German Red Dot Design Award 2020 and the IDEA 2020 Bronze Award.

  • Unlike conventional square or round night light designs, the semi-Y-shaped inclined design allows the light to reach the ground better and illuminate a larger area.

  • The body of the lamp can be removed and used as a torch, to move easily and search for objects at night without turning on the room lights. With its soft light without being dazzling, you'll never worry about disturbing the rest of your family.

  • The motion and lighting sensors can intelligently recognize different light and shade environments. The LED lamp does not light up in the daytime while automatically light up when detecting human bodies at night, convenient and user-friendly.

  • Automatically turns on within about 4 meters in the 120-degree fan-shaped detection area, turning off after some seconds.
    The induction effect is related to the installation position of the lamp body, ambient humidity, human figure, and speed of movement. The above data is measured in the laboratory, actual use will be slightly different depending on the specific circumstances.

  • The low power consumption circuit design plus the large-capacity lithium battery offer the theoretical battery life of more than 5 months in the induction mode. so that you will never worry about frequent charging.
    The above data are measured by the laboratory. The actual use will be slightly different depending on the specific circumstances.

  • The built-in smart chip in the lamp body will automatically power off when overcharging and over-discharge. Keeping you safe and secure.

  • Three Light Modes Easy to Switch
    It has three light modes: AUTO Induction, OFF, and ON mode. You can switch the mode you want at will.

  • No Punching for the Installation
    The lamp can stick firmly with 3M super glue.

1. Tear off the high viscosity 3M adhesive of the base

2. Stick the magnetic base of the lamp body to the wall

3. Put the lamp body close to the base

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