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Save Wardrobe
Save Wardrobe
Save Wardrobe
Save Wardrobe
Save Wardrobe
Save Wardrobe
Save Wardrobe
Save Wardrobe

Save Wardrobe

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Do you always lack space in the house to store your stuff? It always happened to us !!! But since we use the Save Wardrobe everything has changed. It is an ideal aid to better organize your home. 

  • A reliable and space-saving solution for removals, travel, season change. 
  • Ideal for clothes, quilts, pillows, household linen, towels, blankets, etc.
  • Furthermore, it protects very well, garments from mold, humidity, dust, dirt, smell, and insects.
  • Easy and quick to use, thanks to its innovative Turbo valve, air intake is 35% faster than other bags.
  • The double zip closure and the special clips prevent unpleasant vacuum leaks and ensure a perfect seal over time.
  • It reduces the original space up to 80% of the initial volume !!! Incredible, isn't it? 

IMPORTANT, in addition to the hand pump, supplied, YOU CAN USE ANY OTHER VACUUM CLEANER.



Use: Clothing
Capacity: 100L
Thickness: 60 Microns
Material: PA+PE
Shape: Square
Color: Transparent
Set 1: 120x100cm(1 PCS)+80x100cm(3 PCS)+ 56x80cm(3 PCS)+1 Hand Pump

Set 2: 80x100cm(6 PCS)+1 Hand Pump

Set 3: 56x80cm(6 PCS)+1 Hand Pump

Set 4: 56x80cm(2 PCS)+80x100cm(1 PCS)+1 Hand Pump


  • Waterproof / Antibacterial / No odor
  • Suitable for Clothes/T-shirt/Skirt/Jacket/Sweater/Blanket
  • Work with any vacuum
  • No Toxic
  • Airtight
  • No Leak

Hand Pump

Material: Made of ABS material 
Weight:  0.3 lb / 165 gr