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FANTASTIC HOSE, Garden Hose Expandable with its Spray Gun
FANTASTIC HOSE, Garden Hose Expandable with its Spray Gun
FANTASTIC HOSE, Garden Hose Expandable with its Spray Gun
FANTASTIC HOSE, Garden Hose Expandable with its Spray Gun

FANTASTIC HOSE, Garden Hose Expandable with its Spray Gun

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FANTASTIC HOSE is a flexible and expandable multipurpose hose up to 3 times its natural length, this means:

  • little weight
  • save space
  • long distances.

Thanks to the high toughness of the material used, the pipe is highly resistant to perforation and bursting. Furthermore, equipped with copper connectors, it completely solves a problem present in similar pipes, such as water leaks on joints and pipe bursting.
The hose is complete with its spray gun, capable of roguing different types of water jets.
Once the water passes through the tube, the tube will extend until it reaches its maximum length. It will return to its original length once the water is closed.


Standard: DIN
1. high strength polyester yarn stretch surface
2. Explosion-proof net
3. Inner layer in TPE, soft and non-deformable


  • Flexible

  • 3 Times Expandable

original length

Expansion up to 3 times the length with water pressure

Working length Initial length (ft/m) Stretched working length
(When the water is strong enough)
Package weight
(Gross weight)
50 ft/15 m 13.1 ft/4 m 50 ft/15 m 0.500 Kg
75 ft/22.5 m 20.3 ft/6.2 m 75 ft/22.5 m 0.700 Kg
100 ft/30 m 26.9 ft/8.2 m 100 ft/30 m 0.850 Kg
  • Copper Joint wear-resisting

  • Spray gun with 4 functional jets

Flat jet

Mist jet

Center jet

Shower jet

Comparison with other hoses

Sturdy metal fitting Inferior metal is prone to rust
Tangle-free never twisted Easy to entangle
Valve, Brass material, more waterproof, more durable Plastic material, easy to damage
Light Weight Too Heavy


1. When using this Fantastic Hose for the first time, connect one end to the tap and the other to the gun in open mode.
Open the tap, and slowly fill the tube with water, removing the air inside the tube, when the water comes out of the gun, close the gun and slowly extend the tube to the maximum. At this point, close the water and open the gun, allowing the hose to retract to its original length.
Once this preliminary operation has been carried out, use the tube normally.

2. For normal use, connect Fantastic Hose to the tap by gradually increasing the water pressure.
Fantastic Hose will extend fully, so the gun can be used.

3. When not using Fantastic Hose, please close the tap, open the gun, and remove the water from the water pipe to make it shrink to the original length, otherwise, under the long-term pressure state, even if the the tap is closed, the air chamber will deteriorate elastically, compromising the telescopic function of the tube.

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